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Benefit Packages & Services to be Provided:

IEA Councils will provide admitted students with concerted college application guidance including: structured coaching on college essays, effective personal statement development and other essential tools integral in college applications for diverse and selective colleges.

IEA Councils will host overnight trips and day trips to colleges and universities where students will visit top-tier universities/colleges (may include but not limited to Harvard University, M.I.T., etc).

IEA Councils will help arrange individual visits to different colleges and universities. All fees and expenses will be covered by IEA Councils.


IEA Councils will also assist in waiving application fees for students who cannot afford to submit multiple applications.


IEA Councils will connect students with ‘in-network’ college and universities.


 IEA Councils will nominate deserving member students to the Posse Foundation as well as QuestBridge.

IEA Staff will write letter of recommendations per the request of students.

IEA Councils will provide weekly snacks/ beverages.

IEA Councils will host various educational field trips to museums, conferences, etc.

IEA Councils functions as a liaison between the higher educational community and students. IEA Councils does not determine admission of students to institutions of higher learning. Though the organization will advocate for its students, IEA Councils reserves the right of every college or university to assess applicant based on established admission policies.

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