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We are so excited that you are interested in mentoring a student.  Mentors will provide all aspects of college access support until the completion of the academic year. The IEA Councils Mentor Match Program allows you to work individually with a scholar throughout their entire senior year.  

Weekly Volunteer Expectation: Volunteer Youth Mentors will typically serve 1-2 hours/week (flexible days and times) with an additional check-in on the fourth week of each month (time varies depending on the need of the student). 

IEA Councils has a volunteer one-one mentoring model aiming to develop vibrant communities by empowering immigrant and first gen immigrant youth. The mentor will meet one-on-one each week with his/her mentee to develop a relationship and engage in activities that will give mentees new experiences.

Meet weekly virtually with the mentee for 1-2 hours. Schedule is based on student and mentor. In addition, mentors will need to set up a separate meeting at the end of each month to reevaluate and make changes based on the needs of the student.   

Be highly organized and detail oriented to ensure college deadlines are met  

A desire to build a one-on-one relationship with the students.   

Tolerance and openness to different world views and sensitivity to other cultures and languages.

A general desire to have fun and work with children.  

Gain satisfaction of working with a young person during formative years of development

Excellent Writer   

Inform Program Manager of any changes in Mentee behavior, concerns, or questions.  

Can maintain constructive relationship boundaries with mentee and mentee’s family.  

Ability and commitment to maintain confidentiality and act in a manner that is consistent with IEA’s policies and procedures

Volunteer Mentor Benefits Opportunity to serve and share one’s own life experience.


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