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IEA Is A 501(c)(3) Non Profit That Guides Top High Schoolers To Colleges Where They Can Thrive 

EA Councils is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit specializing in college access for immigrant (and first-generation immigrant) students of East African heritage. As strong advocates of higher educational access and persistence, IEA Councils engages targeted student communities by delegating appropriate representatives to ensure proper guidance, support and resources. The importance of education at IEA Councils is exemplified by the culturally personalized assistance we provide to ensure that East-African communities residing in the United States cultivate their full potential.

The significance of college and the collective effort of participants is pivotal in building sustainable relationships among community members. Further, this dynamic will demonstrate the importance of college within the proper sociocultural context of participants. Through this approach, we ensure both the receptiveness of scholars as well as their persistent participation on all IEA Councils’ workshops, events and programs.

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